Our Planet Earth

Discovery Place Kids | Rockingham

Celebrate all that our environment gives us and learn how to return the favor by keeping our planet clean. 

Join us for a variety of special programs throughout May as we explore ways to protect Earth and provide a safe place for plants, animals and people to live.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, learn about the mighty Sunflower Sword and plant a sunflower to take home. On Wednesdays and Fridays, get to know our caped crusader friend, Michael Recycle.

Plus, the Museum will be open Monday, May 29, for even more hands-on fun!

Additional activities this month include:

May 6 - A Visit from Nature Cat: Ever wonder how to be a nature explorer? Join Nature Cat, “backyard explorer extraordinaire,” for a fun day of natural world discovery.

May 6 & 7 - Let’s Grow: Investigate the life cycle of a seed and plant one to take home.

May 14 - Mother’s Day: Make a special card for your mother, or for someone who is like a mother to you.

May 13 & 14 - Can You Dig It?: Have you ever planted a garden or played in the dirt? Explore different types of soil and learn why dirt is such a valuable resource to the Earth.

May 20 & 21 - Don’t Be a Litterbug: Did you know you could reuse old materials that you thought were no longer useful? Join us as we turn scraps into beautiful pieces of art.

May 27 & 28 - Earthworms: Why are worms so important to the Earth? Observe some of our favorite creatures and discover the role they play in keeping nature in balance.

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