Hurricane Activities do to With Your Kids

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With inclement weather on the way to the Carolinas, people across the state are making preparations for the storm. If you have kids, activities to keep them entertained and occupied during potential power outages and help educate them on what is going on outside is an important step to make sure they’re not overwhelmed when the weather hits.

Check out these three ideas to help keep your kids cool, calm, collected and entertained through the upcoming hurricane season.

  • Build a Hurricane Tracking Chart for Kids
    A fun way to introduce the concept of hurricanes to kids is to explain what a Meteorologist is and how they do their job. The Weather Channel constantly has an updated tracking chart for hurricanes and your little one can print out their own sheet and start tracking like a real Meteorologist.
  • Create an emergency "fun kit" and an "emergency “preparation kit"
    In a major storm there’s always a possibility of the power going out. With kids, this can either be scary or a fun new adventure. Try putting two kits together, one with fun, power-free activities such as coloring, Play-Doh, board games, books and crafts. The second kit is a preparation kit that you can put together with your children. This could include snacks, flashlight and batteries, a small radio and a special backpack that your children know is theirs.
  • Use visuals to explain the storm
    Whether it’s a book or a hurricane in a jar, visuals and hands-on work best with kids. This will kill time if there does happen to be a power outage and can help children understand why storms are serious and where they come from.

Want more information on how hurricanes form, or tips to keep your family safe if the bulk of the storm hits your area? Check out our blog on Discovery Place Nature.

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