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Discovery Place Kids Rockingham

Pump It Up

The North Carolina Science Festival is a multi-day celebration showcasing science and technology all around the state. With over 400 public events and 200 school events planned across the state, Discovery Place Kids is connecting you with some of the local events happening in Richmond County.

Check out some of the exciting events Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham has planned for the 2018 NC Science Festival:

  • April 7- My Healthy Heart Dissection: The heart is one of the most important organs in our body, and it’s our job to make sure they beat healthy and strong. Little scientists will discover the role the heart plays in our bodies and what makes them tick through a special dissection. (1:00 p.m. Lab)
  • April 22 - Earth Day: We’re having an Earth Day celebration as we give thanks to our Mother Earth. Little guests will learn about the importance of taking care of our environment and celebrate this special day by planting seeds to take home. (1:00 p.m. Lab)

All activities are included with Museum admission.

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