I CAN Explore - Underwater

Experience the thrill of underwater life

Dive into a unique underwater world

Who knew kids in Huntersville could explore the ocean by way of a submarine or seafaring ship?

I CAN Explore-Underwater takes you on an aquatic adventure like no other. Step inside the submarine and pull gears, turn on lights and sound the alarm signaling thrills ahead.

Prefer to keep your head above water? Captain the ship with full-working wheel and steer to the treasures that lay just beyond the horizon. Or scurry below mateys, and find a hole that may lead to the ship’s demise or a new voyage.

Watery wildlife treasures include lifelike models of a sea turtle, octopus and giant clam shell.

Continue through the coral reef, and look for land from the whale-shaped climbing structure before setting sail for yonder past the bait and tackle shop.

What will you catch today?