Still staying home? We get it.

Fun activities guaranteed to eliminate boredom

Discovery Place Kids Rockingham

It may be summer, but who can really tell? The days all run together when you’ve been staying at home since mid-March. While some places are reopening, you may find yourself still wanting to hang at home a little longer before venturing back out into the world. We get it.

Just remember, staying home doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Gather the kids and channel your inner scientists as you check out some of our favorite Stay At Home Science activities from the past few months.

Animals & Nature

Make hydroponic plants: Explore a greener way to grow those favorite summer plants by creating your own hydroponic system from recycled materials.

Critter creations: Get creative by designing your very own animals while learning about biomes and adaptations that allow different critters to survive different environments.

Build a weather station: Your meteorologist in the making will love this opportunity to create an at-home mini weather station with three weather tools to help understand factors like wind direction and air pressure.

Make activities

Upcycled robot: Create your own upcycled robot from materials around the house – bonus points if you can add a moving element to your robot.

Tabletop foosball: Running out of activities for family game night? Take this opportunity to build your own tabletop foosball game then ready yourself for some fierce competition.

Rockets three ways: Make your own straw rocket, stomp rocket and antacid rocket as you focus on the four forces that impact flight and see whose rocket can soar the highest.

In the kitchen

Kitchen Chemistry: Create a pH indicator from red cabbage so you can test different chemicals around your house and get a sense of what the difference is between acidic and alkaline substances.

Chicken Dissection: Learn about skeletal and muscular systems of chickens (and humans) as you establish your own kitchen laboratory, where playing with your food is not only allowed but encouraged.

Make your own ice cream: This tasty science activity teaches us that when salt is added to ice, it lowers the freezing temperature of the ice. More importantly, the activity’s end result is a delicious homemade dessert.

Health and wellness

Measure your heart rate: Use the scientific method to get to know your heart rate better under different circumstances.

DIY Lung Model: With a few balloons, straws and a plastic cup, you will not only learn how your lungs work, but actually create a functioning model of them. Breathe in all that amazing science learning!

Rainbow Smoothie: Get your fruit and veggie fix with this simple, healthy and yummy smoothie recipe.

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