I CAN Be Anything

Let your imagination guide your future

Explore your world through imagination

Welcome to the exhibition that lets you be just who you are… or dream about who you will be.

Take a seat at Sandhills Stage and catch a puppet or science show. Or be the star and take the stage at one of our dance parties.

A career onstage not for you, how about one of fire and rescue? Jump onboard the real firetruck and rush to save the day!

Love animals? Check-in to the pet vet office and see if you can fix those puppy and kitty boo boos.

Fancy yourself a farmer, the Sandhills community wouldn’t be complete without a farm & market. Just make sure to get that food out to the Peaches Café while it's hot and fresh!

Once you’re done being a chef, head over to the speed shop and spend some time as a mechanic training for the Indy 500.