Science, technology, engineering, arts and math come full circle in March ‘Maker Madness’

Science, technology, engineering, arts and math come full circle in March ‘Maker Madness’

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Look no further than Discovery Place Kids for fun things to do in Rockingham this month

This month, Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham is taking science and art to the next level, focusing all our activities on tinkering, designing and creating.

We’ll construct catapults, design electric circuits with Play-Doh (yes, Play-Doh!) and combine science with art to create mini masterpieces. Plus, we’ll grant full permission for kids to make a mess of our Museum on a special day dedicated to all things ooey and gooey!

Visit the Museum on weekends to take part in our Catapult Challenge, where little engineers can build their very own catapult and hurl different objects across the room while learning the science behind this simple machine that has been around for centuries.

Looking for something to do during the week with your kids (and want a pick up a fun bit of knowledge to drop during your next social gathering)? Turns out, Play-Doh is a conductor of electricity – and on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can stop by to design your own circuits out of the kid-favorite modeling compound as we explore electricity and conductivity in the program, Squishy Circuits.

Celebrate science, technology, engineering, arts and math on Wednesdays and Fridays in our Full STEAM Ahead program where kids will learn about absorption while combining science and art to create beautiful masterpieces with salt and watercolors.

In a special event on the morning of Saturday, March 16, your little ones can wreak havoc at Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham as we celebrate Mess Fest. Join us for some messy fun, complete with ooey, gooey experiments, activities and games. The best part? You get to skip the clean-up!

Plus, pop back over on Sunday, March 17, to spend St. Patrick’s Day with us as we create blarney crafts and celebrate the luck of the Irish.

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