Mindfulness through Meditation

The Five Sense Meditation for families

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ave you ever decided to take a walk on a summer day, and, in the midst of your journey, you have a sporadic moment of awareness? You feel the heat upon your skin, smell the distinct aroma of freshly cut grass, hear the harmonic chirping of birds and see the beautiful arrays of color created by nature. Your sensory levels are heightened, and you are fully mindful of the present.

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention, intentionally and nonjudgmentally, to your present experience. With all the changes that are occurring in the world, practicing mindfulness can help adults and children alike regain focus and mitigate any negative thoughts that might surface.

For families that are interested in getting started with meditation, here is a simple, but effective, mindfulness activity that can be done individually or as family.

The Five Sense Meditation

Everybody should find a comfortable place to sit in the same room. Once all are sitting comfortably and quietly, start to engage the senses.

  • See: Take in your surroundings, noting every visual detail or change you have noticed.
  • Hear: Listen carefully. What are the sounds that you hear? Recognize even the smallest buzz in the air.
  • Feel: How are you feeling internally and externally?
  • Smell: Take a deep breath. What scents do you smell?
  • Taste: What are you tasting? Is it sweet, sour, or bitter? (It is optional to eat or drink during this time.)

Engage each sense for 30-60 seconds.

If the activity is completed with family, especially with children, have a conversation afterward to share and reflect on the experience.

Want more meditation for the family?

There are some great apps that focus on family friendly meditation exercises, plus check out this Parents magazine article about the importance of teaching kids about mindfulness.


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