Play the parts of different community helpers in this class and discover the tools of their trades. Experience technology such as a postal worker’s weight scale, a veterinarian’s X-ray viewer and much more.

Major Concepts to Be Explored:

Students will learn how jobs help people meet their needs and wants and gain an appreciation to the workers they may encounter every day.

Essential Standards:

  • K.C&G.1.2: Explain why citizens obey rules in the classroom, school, home, and neighborhood.
  • K.E.1.1: Explain how families have needs and wants.
  • K.E.1.2: Explain how jobs help people meet their needs and wants.
  • K.C & G 1.1: Exemplify positive relationships through fair play and friendships.

Methods and Activities:

Group Discussion, Interactive Centers, Hands-on Experimentation

Key Vocabulary:

Community, Careers, Citizens

Call To Book

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  • $12 per student
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Minimum of 15 students