Help little learners build early literacy skills.

Join us for an extra special Story Time at the Town Hall Stage. We read a different book each month to learn about new characters, activities and events during this fun page-turning time. This month will be featuring:

  • Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
  • Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton
  • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton
  • How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum by Jessie Hartland

And afterward, get excited for more fun activities based on the weekly themes below:

September 4th-10th Hatching Dinosaur Eggs: Every dinosaur that ever lived during the Mesozoic Era hatched from an egg. We’ll find some dinosaur eggs and try to help them hatch! Join us for a story and an adventure at the Town Hall Main Stage. Guests will find some dino eggs and help them hatch, practicing their fine motor skills before making a hatching dinosaur of their own.

September 11th-17th Paleontology Dig: Who is a paleontologist, and what do they do? What tools do they use? Come to the Town Hall Main Stage for some training in the field of paleontology. Learn how fossils are excavated and see if you can identify various dinosaur skeletons! Guests will have trays of sand filled with fossils and, using their guide, check off what they find before completing their paleontology dig. Guests will also get to see fossils up close, thanks to our Collections department.

September 18th-24th Stopped in their Tracks: Guests will discover dinosaur tracks and compare their feet to dinosaur feet to learn just how big (or small) dinosaurs were. How many children’s feet can fit inside of a T-Rex footprint? Join us as we participate in math investigations to explore the lengths of various dinosaurs.

September 25th-30th Dino Safari: Guests will go on a Dino Safari using binoculars to search for dinosaurs around Create. They will learn a fact about each dinosaur they find before checking them off their scavenger hunt list.

  • All Ages
  • Included In Admission
  • Duration: 15 minutes


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