I CAN Work

Imagination through role play

As we reopen, the firepole and and costumes will be unavailable

This much fun is all in a day's work

Based around a community helpers concept, kids can role play in real-world jobs using actual equipment.

Check into the vet office and review x-rays, make observations of plush animals, help diagnose puppy problems using a microscope and mend boo-boos, all while wearing a crisp lab coat and using a stethoscope.

Or save the day in a full-size fire truck. Get behind the wheel and experience what it’s like to rush to the scene of a four-alarm fire. Put on your gear, strap on your firefighter's helmet and get ready for adventure!

If there’s another emergency, head to the Museum-built ambulance. Visitors can pop into the driver's seat to try out being an EMT, or climb in the back and play the patient.

Need some cash? Try the drive-thru! The air-carrier system allows visitors to make deposits and withdrawals, all in the comfort of their red convertible.