We’re going wild at Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville this month

Discovery Place Kids Huntersville

Scientists estimate there are over one million different known species of animals all over the world. Join us this January as we learn more about some of these amazing animals and how they interact with their environments.

Daily fun

We are kicking off the month with daily activities focused on Ectothermic Animals. Ectothermic, or cold-blooded, animals rely on external sources such as the sun or a heated rock to control their body temperatures. While they are cold-blooded, these animals are not actually cold.

Lizards, snakes and some fish are good examples of ectothermic animals, and January 1-15, we are exploring what it means to be cold-blooded. Throughout the two weeks, we’ll have items from the Discovery Place Collections Department on hand to learn more about cold-blooded species, we’ll investigate adaptations unique to cold-blooded animals and we will discover what habitats are best for ectothermic animals and much more.

For the second half of the month, the focus of our daily activities will be on Endothermic Animals, or warm-blooded animals. These animals can control their blood temperatures through the internal generation of heat. Endothermic animals include most mammals and birds as well as some fish.

As we explore warm-blooded animals, daily activities will vary from a fun blubber experiment and a habitat build to creating our own warm-blooded animals and interacting with mice in a temperature activity.

Special events

Also in January, we are hosting some special celebrations starting with National Winnie the Pooh Day on January 18. We will celebrate everyone’s favorite “silly old bear” as we journey through the Hundred Acre Woods with our friends from the library. Bring your favorite “stuffed with fluff” bear or other animal and take part in some bear-tastic fun.

Then, on Monday, January 20, the Museum will be open as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a special story and activities celebrating this hero. Dr. King worked hard for peace and dreamed of a day when people could get along and treat each other with kindness. Join us as we honor Dr. King’s legacy on this special Monday at the Museum.

Finally, ring in the Chinese New Year on the weekend of January 25-26 as we get festive for the Year of the Rat. Learn more about traditions associated with this Chinese festival, which celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese Calendar.

More winter wonder

Looking for more winter fun? Visit the daily schedule for even more programming taking place in January.

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