Travel the globe with Discovery Place Kids this month

Discovery Place Kids Huntersville

From ancient cultures to the present, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville will spend February discovering what makes people, well, people!

During the first half of the month, take part in our Adventures in Ancient Cultures where we’ll explore topics such as the invention of popcorn and the basis of our number system. Travel back in time through daily activities that explore various cultures, including the Aztecs, Native Americans and the Incas as well as different areas including Greece, Rome, India, China, the Middle East and Egypt.

For the last two weeks of the month, discover the spectrum of Global Citizens that exist as we focus on the different types of food certain cultures make, different celebrations and much more. We’ll circle the globe as we discover the similarities and differences in the way people live their everyday lives.

Special events

We’ll be making a few detours along our global journey to celebrate some special occasions, too, this month.

On February 2, pick a team to cheer on in football’s biggest day of the year and get to the Museum for a Superbowl Sunday mini training camp at 1:45 p.m. This event kicks off at our Town Hall Stage. Don’t forget to bring your best touchdown dance!

Then, on February 14, celebrate Valentine’s Day with us as we read The Love Monster by Rachel Bright then hop over to I CAN Create to make special crafts for those who light up our lives.

Make some masks and string some beads on February 25 with our Mardi Gras madness. The celebration starts with a special dinosaur-themed Mardi Gras tale and culminates with making festive decorations.

Finally, it only happens once every four years, so get to the Museum and celebrate the Leap Year with us on February 29. Explore the reason we have Leap Year and learn some fun traditions surrounding the event.

Rockingham Facade At Dusk
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