Our Planet Earth

Discovery Place Kids Huntersville

We Dig Earth Day

This month, Discovery Place Kids is celebrating all that our planet gives us.

Join us throughout April for a variety of hands-on activities, special events and fun science experiments that will demonstrate what makes Earth so special. We also will learn how to protect our environment and keep our planet clean.

Don't be a litterbug! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, hear the story of Michael Recycle and make your own litterbug to take home. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we're going on a nature hunt! Move and groove along with the story and then make a map of all the place we visited during our hunt.

Additional April activities for kids include:

  • April 3 - Butterfly Highway: To celebrate the North Carolina Science Festival, we’re learning about North Carolina’s Butterfly Highway! We’ll read the story Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellar. Then we’ll head outside to learn more about how to track butterfly migration and help with their conservation.
  • April 7 & 8 - Pollinators: One of our critical pollinators, the honey bee, is on the endangered species list. Come in this weekend to hear the story Show Me the Honey by Tish Rabe and learn how we can help this vital insect survive.
  • April 14 & 15 - Earthworms: Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser is our story this weekend. We’ll explore why composting is helpful to the environment and how earthworms help break down compost. Children will have an opportunity to take a look at some earthworm friends.
  • April 21 & 22 - The Earth and I: Join us for a very special story to celebrate Our Planet Earth Month. We will read The Earth and I by Frank Asch and then make some special art projects that will help us remember why the earth is so special.
  • April 22 - We Dig Earth Day: Help us plant this year’s crops! As part of the North Carolina Science Festival, we’ll be digging in the dirt and planting some seeds as we talk about ways to take care of our environment.
  • April 27 - Arbor Day: Come celebrate Arbor Day with us! We’ll be reading This Tree Counts by Alison Formento and learning about everyday items that come from trees.
  • April 28 & 29 - Michael Recycle: Why is it important to keep our earth clean? Join us to hear the story of Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel and participate in recycling activities.
  • April 17 - 20 - Week of the Young Child: As part of this national celebration of early learners, each day we will have special programming. Children can explore kitchen science, teamwork, art and games.

The Museum will be closed Sunday, April 1.

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