Are your children ready for their first day of Kindergarten?

Discovery Place Kids Huntersville

On Friday, August 16, families with rising Kindergarteners will have the opportunity to help their new students prepare for their first big day of school as Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville hosts its annual Countdown to Kindergarten.

From learning how to carry a lunch tray to practicing scissor safety, Countdown to Kindergarten gives incoming students and their families the chance to feel more confident and comfortable on their first day.

Countdown to Kindergarten is a FREE event at Discovery Place Kids, and will take place both inside and outside of the Museum from 4-7 p.m. All family members of rising Kindergarteners are welcomed to join the festivities.

Some of the skills you and your child can practice at Countdown to Kindergarten include:

  • Carrying a Lunch Tray: From waiting in line to figuring out where to sit, the lunchroom is full of new experiences. Rising Kindergarteners can have the confidence they need to successfully hold a tray, balance foods and navigate through lunchroom obstacles. A CMS nutritional specialist will also be on site to help your child select healthy food choices.
  • Scissor Safety: Did you know cutting with scissors is important for fine motor development? Practicing how to turn a piece of paper with one hand and cutting with the other is a complex skill for little learners to master. Help ensure your child is using proper techniques and is practicing safe scissor skills during a back-to-school craft. During this activity, your little student will be building important hand muscles, promoting good hand-eye coordination and practicing how to listen and follow directions.
  • Visiting a Mock Classroom: If your child has never been in a classroom setting before, help ease any anxiety with a visit to our mock classroom. Workstations, school supplies and other key areas of a classroom will be set up for your child to experience. You can also meet a representative from CMS who will be onsite to answer any of your parent or student questions.
  • Meeting the Teacher: Kindergartener teachers from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools will be outside on the event lawn to greet your new student. Teachers will introduce themselves to your Kindergartener and will hopefully become a familiar face on the first day of school for students attending schools in the North Learning District. Even if your child’s teacher isn’t present, introduce him or her to a friendly face who can answer questions and help them build confidence for when they arrive on the first day of school.

In addition, local organizations and community partners will be offering skill-building activities and information that both children and parents will need in preparation for the first day of school.

From after school extracurricular activities to tutoring services, learn more about how your community is coming together to help you celebrate your child’s formal entry into Kindergarten.

Please note, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville’s exhibit spaces will be open for play, but due to increased crowd volume, experiences are expected to be busy that evening. If you are looking for other ways to help your child prepare for their first day of school, check out Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville’s line up of August programs.

You can see the full calendar of activities and events here.

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