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Programming promises to be out of this world

This month, help us celebrate our amazing and diverse planet by visiting the Museum and taking part in our various Earthly programs. We will travel to Earth’s biomes, learn how to protect our environment and celebrate some of its “egg-ceptional” beings and things.

Big on Biomes

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, water will be our focus. Children will learn that, while the Earth is covered in water, not all of it is the same. Different kinds of water play home to different kinds of animals. Dive into the many waters of the Earth to see all there is to see in Water Biomes.

Then, dry out on Wednesdays and Fridays during our Deserts program. Kids will discover just how much rain falls in deserts and what kinds of animals live there.

Weekend activities will focus on other areas of the Earth, beginning April 6-7 with The Tundra – the coldest biome on Earth, where winter can last eight months and temperatures get down to -60 degrees. Yikes!

Head over to the Savannas and Grasslands on April 13-14 to see how copious amounts of grass support herds of large animals all over the world.

On April 27-28, hit up the Rainforests – the land biome with the most biodiversity. More plants and animals call the rainforest home than any other place on land. Roam through the dense forests to find out who lives there and how we can protect these amazing environments.

Earthly Celebrations

April brings with it more than just showers – two celebrations of our planet also take place this month.

On April 23, join us as we celebrate Earth Day and learn about all the ways to keep our planet happy and healthy. We’ll be planting seeds and inspecting plants in our Learning Garden as well as becoming experts in recycling methods.

Then, on April 26, join us for Arbor Day festivities. We’ll be reading a special story and learning about everyday items that come from trees.

Special Programs

Several special programs are scheduled at the Museum this month, too!

On April 2, take part in International Children’s Book Day by celebrating Hans Christian Anderson’s birth with us.

Continue the celebration during the Week of the Young Child from April 9-12 when we’ll do something special each day, from using our math skills to create tasty treats to using our senses to create an artistic masterpiece.

On April 17, come see us at the Museum to better understand why we’re hosting Bat Appreciation Day. These flying mammals might have a reputation for being scary, but they are very important to our environment!

Finally, on April 20, discover the egg-ceptional qualities of the egg during The Egg-citing Egg programming. Explore the types of animals that lay eggs and see the differences in their sizes. Plus, conduct experiments with eggs!

April may be all about Earth, but it promises to be out of this world at Discovery Place Kids. We hope you can join us as we celebrate our planet all month long!

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