5 Dino-mite Ways to Engage Your Child with Dinosaurs

Discovery Place Kids | Huntersville

Dinosaurs present us with an opportunity to introduce children to science by using a topic they find interesting. Dinosaurs are a great teaching tool for biology, geology and paleontology. This month at Discovery Place Kids we’re focusing on math and science through specialized dinosaur activities. We’ll ask questions such as “How small was the Ankylosaur?”, “How long was the T-Rex?” and “How does a volcano erupt?” These activities can also be used at home to inspire creativity after school or on the weekends.

1.) Volcanoes 

Volcanoes were so powerful; they left basalt up to a mile and a half thick over what is now India. Did the gasses and lava play a role in the extinction of dinosaurs? We’ll read a book on volcanoes, watch a volcano demonstration and see if we can label the parts of a volcano together. Then head over to I CAN Create to make your own volcano to take home. Takes place every Tuesday & Thursday in September.

2.) Excavating

Dinosaurs plus making a mess equals a ton of fun! We are bringing sand boxes inside and digging for dinosaur bones. This activity can also be done at a local park or in a backyard by burying objects and practicing excavating skills. We will learn how archaeologists and paleontologists dig for objects and see if we can identify various dinosaur skeletons. Takes place every Wednesday and Friday in September. 

3.) Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Where do dinosaur babies come from? Every dinosaur that ever lived during the Mesozoic Era hatched from an egg. We’ll read the story Dinosaur Pet by Marc Sedaka and hatch dinosaur eggs made out of ice and salt. Little paleontologists will learn about chemical reactions while caring for their own dinosaur egg.

4.) Measuring Dinosaurs

How many children’s feet can fit inside of a T-Rex footprint? How long is a T-Rex tooth? Practice important math skills such as measuring and reasoning and participate in math investigations to explore the lengths of various dinosaurs. We’ll read How Big Were the Dinosaurs by Bernard Most  then stomp on over to I CAN Create to make and take home dinosaur art. Takes place September 16 & 17.

5.) Fossils

Fossils allow us to learn as much as we can about creatures that lived long ago. Join us at the Town Hall Main Stage to read Chick-O-Saurus Rex by Lenore & Daniel Jennewin. Then examine some fossils from our Collections and trace your own fossil in I CAN Create. Takes place September 23 & 24.

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